Insurance Repairs – FAQs

Here at Brunaugh Construction & Design we know that an insurance claim can be very overwhelming. Here’s a breakdown of the process from filing your claim to getting back home. 

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1. Writing an estimate for the insurance company

If you are experiencing delays in getting an adjuster assigned to your claim, we can write an estimate for you to submit to the insurance company. This will give the insurance company a good starting point for their assessment of the damage and can help speed up the process.

2. Reviewing the insurance company's estimate

If you insurance company has already assigned an adjuster who has written an estimate, we will review the estimate in its entirety to make sure everything that is needed to repair/rebuild your property is included. We will also review the estimate with you and answer any questions that may arise.

3. Working with the homeowner during the reconciliation process

The reconciliation process is when the insurance company and the homeowner negotiate the final amount of the settlement. We will work side by side with you to ensure you understand everything that is happening. 

4. Assisting with setting up construction accounts

Once your estimate is settled,  we will help you set up any construction accounts.

  • Mortgage: If you have a mortgage, we will help you in contacting the mortgage company to set up a construction account. These accounts ensure that not only the funds are in a secure place, but you as the homeowner and us as the contractor both have to agree to have the funds disbursed. 
  • No Mortgage: If you do not have a mortgage and a large enough sum of funds, we will assist you in setting up a disbursement account. This will help to ensure that the funds are used for rebuilding your home and you are protected from fraud or mismanagement. 


1. Keeping the homeowner updated on unresolved reconstruction items

Often times when the construction process begins, it is possible some reconstruction items are still being disputed because the contractor and the insurance company has not agreed on an amount, if the item should be replaced, etc. We will keep you informed and give status updates on those items. 

2. Providing the homeowner a list of material allowances and organizing selections and purchases

In order to get items purchased for your home, we will provide you with allowance sheets. Depending on the extent of your loss, we can separate these room by room or just do one sheet. We will help you with your selections and do all of the purchasing and delivering. Our allowance sheets help ensure us that the material is ordered on time and within your budget. 

3. Meeting the homeowner at the beginning of the build process to discuss

Right before the construction process will start, you will meet with a project manager to ensure we are all on the same page about any changes needing made to the plans or specific details that are important to you are met. This meeting will ensure the project will be completed to your standards and avoid misunderstandings further into the process. 

4. Providing architectural/design plans, securing permits, and working with municipalities to ensure compliance with building codes

We will provide you with any architectural/design plans needed for your reconstruction. This way we can work alongside the local municipalities to ensure all building systems comply with most up to date code requirements. We will also secure any required permits for the project. This way we are able to save you as the homeowner the time and the hassle of these tasks. 

5. Securing and managing subcontractors

As for subcontractors, we will work with the directly as we have established relationships with many to help move the construction process more quickly. We will invite you to attend any meetings with subcontractors to ensure your ideas are incorporated in the reconstruction. This way we can predicted the project timeline better and be within budget. If there should be any shortages in funds to obtain the subcontractor(s), we will work with your insurance company to ensure they are covered. 

6. Providing a detailed construction timeline

We will provide you with a detailed constructive timeline that lays out each portion of your construction process start to finish. The timeline helps you stay informed of the progress of the project and make plans accordingly. 

7. Protecting/Reuniting the homeowner with recovered personal items

During the demolition process, we will take care to protect and reunite you with any personal items that may be recovered. We know these are very valuable to you and will do our best to treat them with the utmost care. 

8. Contacting utility companies

We will contact all utility companies and work with you to ensure all utilities are restored in a timely manner. By doing so we can ensure that they are restored when needed and less worry for you. 

9. Assigning a dedicated project manager

We will assign a dedicated project manager who will work with you on the project from start to finish. The project manager will be your single point of contact for any questions and or concerns that may arise. This way we can ensure your project is getting the attention that is needed. 

10. Scheduling and attending inspections

We will schedule and attend all required inspections throughout the construction process. We will communicate any findings with you as well. 

11. Scheduling meetings with the homeowner biweekly

Depending on what schedule works for you, we schedule meetings in order to keep you informed and answer any questions and or concerns you may have. These meetings allow us to keep you up to date and keep strong communication. 

12. Assisting with progress payments from insurances companies and/or mortgage companies

We will assist in requesting any required progress payments from insurance companies and or mortgage companies as needed throughout the process. We will consult with you, and once we have your approval, we will take care of the request  so it is less you need to be worried about. 

1. Attending all final inspections and ensuring they pass with local municipalities

We are committed to completing the project to our high standards, so we feel it is necessary to attend all final inspections and ensure they pass with all local municipalities. 

2. Conducting a final punchlist for the project

We will conduct a final punchlist of the entire project to ensure all work is up to our standards and completed to the homeowner’s satisfaction. Any deficient will be corrected immediately to avoid delays in turning the property back over to you. 

3. Perform a final cleaning

In order to make the property ready to move in, we will perform a final cleaning to remove and dust or debris that may have accumulated during the construction process. We will also take final pictures of your property to use on our website and for marketing. 

4. Final meeting with the homeowner

We will schedule a final meeting with you and review the construction process and insurance estimate to make sure all scope of work items have been completed. Any final reconciliation of funds will be discussed in depth. 

5. Addressing any issues that may arise after the homeowner returns

We are committed to giving you a positive experience and make sure the property is to your satisfaction. We are willing to go the extra mile for you to ensure you are happy with the finished product. We stand by our work and will address any and all issue that may arise after you have returned to the property. 

Take Photos

Take as many photos as you possibly can of your property and personal belongings as soon as possible.We recommend a minimum of 100 photos. During this stressful time, it will be impossible to remember everything. These photos will help you, your contractor, and insurance adjuster to process your claim as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Contact Insurance

As soon as your claim is field, you will have an adjuster assigned to your claim process.

Contractor Search

Your insurance company may recommend a contractor, but it is your right to choose any contractor you would like. Interview several contractors and choose the one you are most comfortable with. An experienced contractor will be invaluable in helping you work through and settle your claim. They will start providing customer service Day 1. This is the MOST important step to get you back in your home as soon as possible.

Minimize Loss

After a loss, it is not uncommon to hear issues such as holes in your roof, standing water, and security issues. It is the homeowner's responsibility to make sure these issues are not neglected causing further damage to the property. Your adjuster can assist with hiring emergency services dispatched to help resolve these issues.

Document Everything

Making written and electronic notes will help you keep everything organized and prove helpful to look back on throughout the process. Notes will also protect your interest in returning your building to its pre-loss condition. Examples of documentation would be:
1. Receipts for goods/supplies purchased
2. How much time you are spending working through the claim process
3. Beginning/ending dates of specific steps of the process